Wednesday, August 26, 2009


While walking along on my way home from the gym yesterday, i saw this rather normal looking guy look disgustingly at someone/thing and say "that's fucking gross." with such contempt. so of course, i whipped around thinking "this is gonna be good." and what do i see? nothing. a guy on his cell phone. a woman pushing a baby carriage..

i literally sat there for a minute looking around - the train? the store front? the sidewalk? the trash can? I almost wanted to go up to the guy and say "excuse me sir, WHAT is fucking gross? I always want an opportunity to see something fucking gross, so i'd appreciate you filling me in..."

but instead i went on my way, wondering what he could have been talking about.

oh, and i checked, he wasnt on the phone - no ear piece, no phone, nothing.

Friday, August 7, 2009

irony on the subway

last night, on the subway, this woman across from me was talking to her boyfriend? friend? anyway, this boyfriend/friend was looking out the window at someone who got off the subway, saying something about him (i thought maybe he knew him) so woman turns around and i hear her say "oh yeah, that's a F-gg-t" (i refuse to type it) - then she says "oh, you cant say F-gg-t anymore, you have to say 'tranny...' well - that's what we get for living in new york." and i am looking at this woman thinking "YOU think you can judge people!?" because, my friends, this was the woman who said that.