Monday, April 7, 2008

woah it's been awhile!

i guess that is what happens when you work 10 hour days for 3 months... no time to blog, and too tired to notice anything happening around me!

however... last night...

i took the train from Rutland Vt after visiting my dear friend adrian (with a stop in burlington to see my brother) - i arrived in penn station, and was walking towards the exit. I got on an escalator that went to the street level - and i see the man infront of me get on his knees on the step of the escalator, put both hands down on the step infront of him... and KISS THE STEP. maybe he had wanted to go to nyc his whole life? it was a new beginning? he had no bags, was dressed normally... what could possess someone to KISS AN ESCALATOR STEP? i was so intrigued by it... he walked infront of me for a bit, and at one point asked someone for money. she said "no." it was all very, very strange.

i then got to my subway, and waited for my train to come. it came, and i got on it (picture me with a huge backpack, HUGE tote and my big purse) - and i sat down... some girl squeezed herself between me and some guy which i found highly annoying. anyway, i sat there, minding my own business, listening to my ipod... and i had to adjust my bags at one point and i noticed the guy sitting across from me (who was dressed very respectably) watching me, and he was muttering. so i thought he was trying to tell me something about my bags, but i quickly looked away. my bags were fine. i then looked at the guy again, and noticd he was staring at everyone and muttering. then he was swatting his ear like there was water in it or something. at first i thought perhaps instead of silently judging everyone like i do, he was merely whispering his judgements out. then, when he started swatting his ear, i thought perhaps he was talking to some people in his head... i'm not sure, but i will admit i was relieved that he got off the train 2 stops before me...

and that was my sunday night on the subway...

i'll try to be better, i promise!!! i go back to my normal hours TOMORROW!!!!!! hooray!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

a long time comin

wow. i apologize for the delay. but i see my last entry was right before thanksgiving, so, there was thanksgiving, birthdays, and christmas... therefore, no time for the frivolities of blogging. i had two things of note happen today...
1. as i was walking back from the post office, i was waiting to cross the street and i hear someone yelling "MA'AM!!!!??? MA'AM!!!!!!!" i thought "well, i certainly am no ma'am, she mustnt be talking to me... plus, you dont look at someone yelling...i didnt have any money to give! however, i then felt someone next to me, and "MA'AM??" was said right in my ear. i looked up. "which way is broadway?" i smiled, feeling like a jerk and pointed her to the right direction, whilst patting her arm.
2. as i was sitting at my desk today, a man walked in, asked if we were some business that was not what if, i said no, they were on another floor, and then he spotted my candy bowl and said "CANDY!" (said much like "GOLD!!") and asked, i kid you not, how much it cost. i said he could take some. but he kindly put a quarter down on my desk and began rummaging. after he had a few pieces in his hand, he was getting ready to leave, took one last piece and said "reeses penis!" and left. he was probalby 50. no joke.