Thursday, January 17, 2008

a long time comin

wow. i apologize for the delay. but i see my last entry was right before thanksgiving, so, there was thanksgiving, birthdays, and christmas... therefore, no time for the frivolities of blogging. i had two things of note happen today...
1. as i was walking back from the post office, i was waiting to cross the street and i hear someone yelling "MA'AM!!!!??? MA'AM!!!!!!!" i thought "well, i certainly am no ma'am, she mustnt be talking to me... plus, you dont look at someone yelling...i didnt have any money to give! however, i then felt someone next to me, and "MA'AM??" was said right in my ear. i looked up. "which way is broadway?" i smiled, feeling like a jerk and pointed her to the right direction, whilst patting her arm.
2. as i was sitting at my desk today, a man walked in, asked if we were some business that was not what if, i said no, they were on another floor, and then he spotted my candy bowl and said "CANDY!" (said much like "GOLD!!") and asked, i kid you not, how much it cost. i said he could take some. but he kindly put a quarter down on my desk and began rummaging. after he had a few pieces in his hand, he was getting ready to leave, took one last piece and said "reeses penis!" and left. he was probalby 50. no joke.


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