Tuesday, November 13, 2007

scratch and sniff?

on sunday night, i was on my way from brooklyn to the upper west side- when i got on the train in brooklyn there werent many people on the train. i sat down, and as usual, observed my adoring subway public. i noticed this guy, he had a cvs bag that had a huge bottle of scope in it. and, might i add, that huge bottle of scope was 3/4 empty, or for you optimists out there, 1/4 full. so i noted that oddity, and continued to listen to my ipod (which, might i add, is on my iPHONE, yes, i am that cool). two guys got on, and sat next to me - i couldnt tell if they were a couple or just 2 gay friends. a few minutes later, i looked up and noticed scope man. and do you know what he was doing? he was picking his nose. but, he was not JUST picking it. oh no. he had a lovely little rhythm going of: pick pick pick, sniff sniff. yes. he would pick, about three times, his finger making a circle movement, then pull it out of his nose, sniff the tip of his finger for about 2 seconds, put it back in, repeat. i watched for awhile, and there was a definite rhythm. so while i became fascinated by this weird habit, i heard the gay couple near me (whose backs were to teh picker) and they were talking about noses! there was a photo on the subway in an ad that some really funny adolescent had colored on, coloring in her teeth and nostrils, and one guy said that your nose really defines you or some bullshit like that. and his friend said "yeah, you know, mens nostrils get enlarged as they get older... that's why older mens noses look so weird." and so continued the nose conversation. between the picker and this conversation, if ound my hand slowly going up to my nose to feel it, and i suddenly became oddly aware of the protusion that is my nose. i looked over at the picker, and he was still at it. pick pick pick, sniff sniff.

pick pick pick, sniff sniff.

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