Wednesday, August 26, 2009


While walking along on my way home from the gym yesterday, i saw this rather normal looking guy look disgustingly at someone/thing and say "that's fucking gross." with such contempt. so of course, i whipped around thinking "this is gonna be good." and what do i see? nothing. a guy on his cell phone. a woman pushing a baby carriage..

i literally sat there for a minute looking around - the train? the store front? the sidewalk? the trash can? I almost wanted to go up to the guy and say "excuse me sir, WHAT is fucking gross? I always want an opportunity to see something fucking gross, so i'd appreciate you filling me in..."

but instead i went on my way, wondering what he could have been talking about.

oh, and i checked, he wasnt on the phone - no ear piece, no phone, nothing.

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