Tuesday, July 31, 2007

do i attract fights?

well. i live in the city. i live in an apartment. i RARELY hear anything from the other apartments in my building (there are 3 others) - once and awhile i will hear elderly anne who lives below us blasting her tv, but that is about it.

last week, i was home alone, watching tv, and suddenly i heard yelling. loud yelling. "HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT" woah. then a lower, softer, gentler "i thought we would buy a house, start a family" then muffled voices, then screaming again. after a minute or two i thought "they MUST be rehearsing a scene... people are NOT that trite in real life." but, my loyal readers, it was 100% real. 2 hours real. i sat on the couch nearest the window, put the tv on mute, and listened... "GO AHEAD THROW SOMETHING, BREAK SOMETHING" about 100 times. "YOU JUST GOING GO OUT?! GO AHEAD" 10 times... "how can you say that" was repeated throughout the evening, about 100 times- no joke. and, let me get this open, i am a woman, but the woman was the one yelling. the man was calm, rarely raising his voice, which i am SURE infuriated her even more. my favorite line "YOURE DEAF!!! y ou NEVER hear ANYTHING i say!!!!' that would explain the yelling, i suppose... perhaps the point where i was most confused when i heard her say "YOU WORK ALL DAY" then a muffled response, and then "I DONT WANT TO GET A JOB" ok... so he was suggesting she get a job. wow. i'm not sure how it ended, but wow. it was 2 hours - but some of it was muffled when they moved to other parts of their apartment. OH. and let me add, these people do not LIVE in my building, they are in the building NEXT to me, so i heard all of this through open windows. i WISH i knew what they looked like... it was fascinating. how can people LIVE like that!
so my roommate came home, and i relayed the story to her, and she was mad she missed it!

go forward 2 days. i am sitting on the subway, minding my own business, when i see a couple walk in, obviously arguing. the man has a suitcase, the woman an obvious "carryon bag" - so i got the gist she had been traveling, and did NOT look happy. "so you walked by, and didnt think toi go in?!" she said. he replied "NO, it didnt click until later" the conversation continues similarly- her asking details about what he did- him affirming. and she did not like it. what i got from it: he was picking her up, forgot WHERE he was picking her up, and she was pissed because he was late. at one point she said "well, i told you, but you were talking to so and so..." (a guys name- he must have been out when she called to tell him where to get her)- then he said "i called you and left a message" uh oh... looks like someone didnt have her phone on... although, at one point i heard her say "i dont have her phone number MEMORIZED, how i could i call her!?" so, this went on. literally, the same argument, the same story, for 20 minutes. she kept asking the same questions. he had the same answers. there might be a minute of silence and then "so you walked by?" "YES" i wanted to go up to her and shake her and say "LET IT GO YOU FUCKING BITCH" but i didnt. i stared instead. then, finally, she gave up, and turned her body from him... did i mention she had an engagement ring? she SURELY sounds mature enough to be getting married (she looked in her 30's, so did he). finally they get off at the stop before mine, she walks off in a huff, he follows, trying to finagle her suitcase. i wonder if they are still together...

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