Thursday, August 16, 2007

why my day job makes me happy

i still call it day job even though im not in a production right now. because it is not my forever job. but. it makes me happy. why?

here are some reasons as of the past couple of days:

1. after an amazing, relaxing, fun vacation in ireland, though of course i would love to still be there, i did not dread going back to work my first day back. at borders, it was really a hassle that first morning back "DONT MAKE ME YOU CANT MAKE ME" and then you would be back and it would still be as shitty as when you left, and usually, 10 new "rules" would have started making you have less freedom to express yourself than before. but this time, i didnt mind, and was looking forward to seeing my coworkers.

2. when i did return, i was greeted with tons of "we missed you!! so glad you are back!" etc. it makes you feel appreciated.

3. yesterday a coworker was going to borders so i had her pick me up the new hamlet dvd, while leaving work i was showing it to two coworkers, blabbing about it. today, one of the people i was showing it off to said "did you watch hamlet?" he remembered, and i like that.

4. this didnt happen in the past couple of days, but everyone was highly supportive of my harry potter craziness in july - and all asked me about it afterwards.

i love it.

and we get cake tomorrow, and there are oreos in the kitchen.
and i have coffee and an english muffin every morning.

and i have a question mark shaped desk, to match my scar.

?what if! new york - a comforting place to be!

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