Wednesday, June 17, 2009

YOU'RE sorry!?!?!?

"No, there is nothing I can do for you, I'm very sorry ma'am." -
Thad, southern idiot who works for citibank customer service.

now. i have worked in customer service.
and the one thing i was told was: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.
so. how come i feel like whenever i am the customer, i am WRONG?
i have been having difficulties with citibank. I had to get a new card because i lost my other one (my fault, i know) they sent me a new one.
It didn't work. it was my old (like 4 cards ago old) number.
So they sent me another. i figured I'd give it a try. Well, what do you know, it worked. until i tried using it at the grocery store. Apparently it only worked as debit. So I ordered another one. I waited patiently for UPS to arrive. They arrived. and it was THE SAME NUMBER AND DIDN'T WORK. So I called again. This time i got a delightful woman. she was very helpful and told me she would get that to me right away.
And it would be overnighted.
So I have waited. And then I decided to call to get the tracking number.
That is when I got Thad on the phone. Thad. Thad. Thad. poor Thad had no idea what he was getting into.
Apparently my card was not mailed out until TODAY.
I cannot access my account online, or on the phone. All I can do is GO TO THE BANK to transfer funds. To take out money. What is this? 1925? WHAT THE HELL. I kindly asked if i could get it early delivery. i was told no. i then politely asked if there was someone there who had the authority to do that for me. I was told no.
that, my friends is when Thad said "there is nothing I can do for you, I am sorry ma'am."
well, well, well.

Poor Thad then got it. i lost my friggin mind. I told him i thought perhaps after getting billions in bail out money Citibank could step it up, i told him that all of this has been THEIR fault and they are only making it difficult for me. I told him i was going to leave Citibank. I told him it was ridiculous. I told him i worked in customer service and you should always try to do things for the customer. Did I mention I mentioned bail out money? Oh and I mentioned the economy. You always have to throw that in a conversation, i feel.

So. If i don't have enough money in my account and some gets taken out, and i am charged a fee for the overdraft from my savings, you better believe Thad will hear from me. And i better get that fee taken off.

Deep, deep breaths.

Oh, I also told Thad now he'll at least have a funny story to tell his friends tonight - about the crazy lady who called.

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