Friday, June 12, 2009

Let's play pretend!

i'm back.
i know.
it has been a

but here i am. and from the suggestion of my dear friend jess, I have decided to start posting some weird things that have been said to me. I will not divulge the name of the person who said it to me... unless the person gives me their permission to mock them mercilessly on this blog.

I will begin with one of the worst, most degrading, surprising, shocking things that has ever been said to me.

This one I will preface. I was at a job. In an office. Which, for anyone who doesn't know me, is NOT what I want to do. I went to school for acting. Therefore, a receptionist seemed a doable job. But then the office manager left. And without any consultation, it was assumed (without telling me) that I would take over those duties. One morning, the sayer of the quote was showing me around telling me different things I needed to do. Then. It hit.

"When you are at work, just pretend that you are in a play, and your role is someone anal retentive."

Wait. What? No! She didn't really say that? Oh my GOD i am SO INSULTED. I Quit. I have to quit. Those were my thoughts in about .5 seconds. My reply? A nervous laugh. Nervous because I was afraid. Very afraid of what might come out if I actually spoke. Part of me wishes I had just walked. But rent needed to be paid.

"Megan, why don't you PLAY office?!" like I was 5 years old.

This person is actually a friend of mine. Now that I am far, far away from being a coworker of hers.

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