Tuesday, April 24, 2007

not on the subway, but close enough

yesterday afternoon i was walking along broadway on my lunch break. now, normally when i am on my lunch break, my biggest worry whilst walking is avoiding getting bombarded by women coming up to me saying "coach bag? you want coach bag?" in a quiet voice as if she is offering me cocaine. i also enjoy the ones that come up to me and gently say "dvd?"
no. thank you. anyway, i was walking along, minding my own business, glad that soho was just one block away... when suddenly, i am punched, very hard, in. the. breast. the left breast to be exact. so i immediately yell "OW" and turn around. it is some older man (50-60) who was PUTTING ON HIS JACKET. did i mention it was 80 degrees out yesterday? it was. punched me, hard, in the boob. i think i have a bruise! he said sorry, and looked sheepishly down on my breast that i was rubbing in horror.

fast forward 4 hours later. i was on my way to meet lindsey, her friend carol and her 10 year old daughter and friend. i figured i should get some money out to have just in case. so i start crossing the street to the atm, and i notice a man sitting in the alcove inside the door. and he is tapping on the window, and beckoning me. tap tap tap beckon beckon... tap tap tap beckon beckon... tap tap tap beckon beckon... so i veered to the left acting as if i had no plans to go to the atm in the first place.

so those are my tales... nothing from the subway, but entertaining nonetheless.


Catherine said...

I hope your boob is ok! Hehehehe... I am glad you started a blog. Something entertaining for me to ride while at work. ;-)

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

So happy you started writing this! I'll be checking back often...hope the boob is okay today.