Wednesday, May 2, 2007

nothing too exciting...

this isnt really a crazy person story, but a story from the subway nonetheless.

this morning i was standing, holding onto a pole, minding my own business, waiting for one of the people sitting near me to get up. now, for those of you perhaps unfamiliar with the subway, let me just say that when you are standing at a pole, there are usually 3 chances for getting a seat - the people on either side of the pole, and the one next to the person on the side of the pole you are on. however. once another person comes to share your pole, your chances are shot to only 2- the people on your side of the pole.

enter girl wearing tangerine colored "shirt dress" over black jeans, with black flats... and a hair in a messy ponytale.
with ipod nano. she stands next to me, and immediately i hate her because she has just diminished my seat chances. of course, the next stop, the guy sitting on HER side gets up. i notice when she sits, she LITERALLY sits ontop of the girl on MY side, so much so that the girl on my side noticed and gave her a look. then i see tangerine girl look up so i look. and it is a very cute guy standing there. she OBVIOUSLY had tried to make the 1 person spot big enough for 2 thinking that cutie would sit next to her. she stareda at him. he was immersed in a book. so some middle aged woman with short brillo pad red hair with circular blonde highlights sits down next to her, complete with her 3 tote bags. tangerine is clearly annoyed that cutie didnt sit next to her, and i am thrilled that all these events are taking place.

tangerine KEEPS STARING at cutie. sorry honey, but staring intently at someone isnt going to make them say "will you PLEASE go out with me?! your staring has enticed me..." it is going to make them say "STOP STARING AT ME FREAK"

however, nothing happened, cutie left, and tangerine was miffed. eventually a seat across from me became available so i took it, giving me perfect tangerine view. everyonce and awhile i would see her staring at someone, then she would have a wierd "knowing" smile on her face. it made me uncomfortable. at 23rd she got up and went near the door. she stood there. her music was SO FUCKING LOUD. people. there are studies about how loud your ipod should be. i have a feeling tangerine will have a hearing aid at an earlier age.
she stood by the door, and at the next stop i realized she was on the WRONG side for the next stop - so i had a moment of glee. but then she stayed on. . she stood for a few more stops, then regained her seat across from me. why?


she got off at bleeker.


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