Thursday, May 17, 2007

best guy ever.

i first noticed this guy sitting across from me on the subway as i was coming home from work because he had a back to the future t-shirt on. i thought "awesome."
i noticed, he was reading a comic book compilation of the comic book "silver surfer" and he was fully immersed in it. he had thick, black, plastic glasses on, black jeans to match the black bttf t-shirt, and black sneakers. his face was rather dotted... and he was awesome. i stared at him whilst he was reading the silver surfer. he fascinated me. i think i just love it when i see a ridiculous stereotype. yes, i think i love stereotypes. i love them in action. i love the nerdy guy wearing a back to the future tshirt, with thick glasses, pimply skin, reading a comic book.
do i fit into a stereotype? actress with a day job? do people stare at me and smile thinking "this is amazing, what a great stereotype in action"???

every day i see it, the guy who hates his office job, the woman who hates the fact that she has to ride a subway, the working mom who takes her kid to the preschool close to the office in midtown, the elderly lady who has been taking the 8:35 train (even though there are really no times) every day for 55 years, the nerd, the drama queen, the outcast, you name it.

i always say there are stereotypes for a reason. stereotypes arent made up. stereotypical comic book boy, stereotypical struggling actor, stereotypical city mom, stereotypical working man. they exist, and if you sit on the subway, you will see them every day.

i do wonder what stereotype i am... youngest child? small town girl in big city? actress? snob? irish girl? tribeca receptionist?
being individual is a stereotype too...

we have stereotypes for a reason: most of the time they are true!

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