Monday, May 14, 2007


ok. i was on the subway last week, and these two guys got on. they were the type of guys who dont use discreet, inside voices when on the subway, and you arent sure if it is because they WANT people to hear them, or they just dont care. i think they were coworkers - one was older than the other, but not old enough to be a father, and i didnt get the brother vibe from them.

so. they walk in, and immediately i can tellthey will be interesting. They are dressed in workmans clothes - jeans, work boots, flannel shirts.. one of them wants to sit down right next to the door, but the other (the older one) doesnt.. so he walks further down the train. the other one starts to follow, and spills his coffee. needless to say, a parade of expletives follows. but he moves to where his friend is. he sits down, and starts saying "I NEED A NAKKIN. I NEED TO GET MY NAKKIN! I NEED MY FUCKING NAKKIN" and i immediately start cracking up. i always have a hard time understanding adults who say "nakkin" instead of "NAPkin" or "valentiMes instead of "valentines" "libERRY" instead of "liBRARY" do they not see the other letters? was it just that they always said it like that as a kid and no one ever thought to correct them, and they believe that everyone else is wrong in the pronunciation? i am fascinated by that concept.

the coffee issue subsided, and tehy started chatting away about mutual friends etc... then suddenly i hear "he dont know dave! if he dont know richie, he dont know dave... because they're brothers" and it just cracked me up. i love hearing snippets of peoples conversations. my sister and i want to write a book and have just lines of things we overheard... taken out of context who KNOWS what people are talking about!

another thing i love about the subway is how everyone, when the walk in, looks to see if there is a seat available. i love watching people do this. i dont know why.

i also enjoy reading whatever the person next ot me is reading. except when it is a newspaper and i am reading an interesting article and they turn the page. annoying.

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