Tuesday, May 8, 2007

it's a straight thing...

today is about straight hair.

i normally have curly hair, and everyonce in awhile when im feeling bold, and feel like taking the time, i will dry it out straight and use an iron.

Yesterday and today were 2 of those days. Yesterday at work every single person commented on it "oh, it looks nice, oh, megan! you look so GOOD!" "I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!" "you look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!"

doi look so grotesque with curly hair?

today, i went walking on my lunch break. as i was walking along, there was a group of men standing around. they STOP mid conversation and one of them says "hello... you look beautiful today!" i said "thank you!" and continued on my way. one block later, a man in a delivery truck yelled "HEY SWEEETHEART!!!!!!!" to me.

was it the straight hair? was it the short jumper i was wearing? WHAT WAS IT????

walking from the subway in harlem where i ALWAYS got comments - i got even MORE - 'hi!" "hi pretty lady!"
what IS it?

on my way BACK to the subway in harlem, i had a large back, plus my cart FILLED with stuff from my apartment. RIGHT at my door a man ON HIS CELL PHONE stops MID sentence and says "do you need help with that?" at that point i wasnt even struggling to get it off the stoop, i was merely walking along with it wheeling behind me. i said no thanks and continued. turn the corner - "hi there pretty!" i smile. walking along, another man on his cell phone - "hi baby - you need some help?"
no. no i DONT need help.

where were these men when i was walking down the fucking steps to the subway!?

i had to change trains at one point, and there is A LOT of stairs. i was at the top, preparing, when two men immediately stop, one takes the bottom, the other the top, no questions asked, and take my cart for me. one of them evenoffered to put it on the train for me, but it wasnt the right train - i had to wait for a different one.

let me stop a moment and talk about a couple i observed. it was so obvious it was an early date in the relationship - and DEFINITELY the first time that they were going to do it. they were on their way to his apartment to finally do it. he was so into her and so excited - and she was a bit more nervous. not that she wasnt into it - she was - but he was thinking about it the ENTIRE time. you could tell, and he was A LOT older than her.

so i get off the train at my stop. i carried the cart down the first leg of stairs- and that was fine because it wasnt too much - and te people around me had bags on them. however. when i got to the stairs to the street, i was preparing for my trip down the stairs, when two lovely young men (18 probably) offered to help. one had a cute little varisity jacket on that said "brandon" i wish i had told them to tell their moms what they did. it was so cute.

so that was my day with straight hair.

how can going from curly to straight hair transform someone SO much that every man on the street takes note!?
do we live in a straight hair-biased world? if my hair had been curly tonight - would i have gotten the same treatment i had as a straight hair woman?

was it because my dress was short?

i dont know.

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Catherine said...

what you need to do is two things:

1. wear your short dress with your normal curly hair and see what happens

2. straighten your hair and wear long pants and see what happens

i suppose it wouldn't help if you carried around a heavy bag or something to see if people will help you. ;-)