Friday, June 22, 2007


ok. i HATE other peoples hair. i just dont like it touching me, i dont really like touching it, i hate finding it ANYWHERE. if it isnt long, red and curly, i want to puke. there is just something about hair. EW. anyway - i was sitting on the subway this morning- sitting on one of the seats where the back is up against the back of another seat, reading my Harry and the Order of the Phoenix, minding my own business... when suddenly, i felt something on my back (i am wearing a tank top that is low in the back)- i immediately turn around and i see this:
ok, fine not EXACTLY that. it kind of looked like that, but it was attached to a woman, and was in a banana clip. and it kept fucking brushing up against me. so i kept adjusting, thinking she would get the hint. but the more i adjusted, i swear to GOD the more she pushed her hair to MY SIDE. it was SO GROSS. i kept giving her nasty looks, and i could feeeel it. ew. thinking about it now makes my skin crawl... i swear to you, the more i wriggled, the more she pushed it over. finally, at 42nd she got off. gross. and when she got up her shorts were giving her a wedgie. serves her RIGHT.

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In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

You and your hair phobia! I'm surprised you haven't shaved your head yet!