Monday, June 4, 2007

i think it might be a disease...

now, it probably comes to no surprise to anyone, that i am a
now, you might not all know that it is my goal, if i am to ever give birth, hopefully not for a long time, but if i am ever to, that i would like to give birth to a redhed (ideally a little redheaded gay mommas boy, but i wont be THAT picky) anyway...

today on the subway, i looked up and saw a lovely redheaded male standing directly infront of me. and i became obsessed. should i speak to him? should i ask him if he, too had a goal in mind to have a redheaded baby someday? do i casually catch his eye, nod and say "wanna make a redhead?" ni decided not to... so i just got obsessed. "if he gets off at my stop, it's a sign" then i thought "damn, he's probably married." to which IMMEDIATELY his left hand came out of his pocket to reveal... NO RING. i was ecstatic. it was surely a sign that immediately after i THOUGHT "i wonder if he is married" the ring hand came out of the pocket to reveal that he was infact, not married.
the rest of my trip, i kept glancing at him, thinking he was looking at me too. perhaps thinking "there is a redhead, we could have redheaded children"
he was NOT getting off either... and when we came to the 2nd to last stop and he did not get off, i thought "this is IT- he'll ask me to have redheaded babies with him while we are walking down the stairs together"
we got off... walked down the stairs, and just as i thought he was going to ask me - i turned left and he turned right, never to be seen again...

i think i have a redheaded baby disesase.

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