Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Annoyances of Megan

things that annoy me:

people who are wearing jackets, and sit so fucking close to you on the subway when you are wearing a tanktop/short sleeves andd their dirty jacket sleeve is rubbing against you.
people who dont eat french fries because they are "unhealthy"
people who "try to be healthy" and smoke, people who do yoga and smoke
people who blast their ipod so high that someone sitting 6 people away can hear it- see you for that hearing aid fitting buddy!
people who say "former president clinton, carter, reagan" etc... THEY ARE NOT FORMER. it is like a DOCTOR. when a doctor retires, do we say "former dr so and so"? NO. we do NOT. PROPER english is to say "president clinton" - the only ones who do NOT count would be ones like nixon, or andrew johnson. do we say "former president kennedy?" "former president lincoln" NO. we do NOT. so STOP saying it.
people who pronounce the "g" in ing words.
people who want to improve themselves but do nothing about it
close mindedness
people who "arent political" - you know what - you can vote, you can look at issues and form opinions, but you dont have to be crazy about it. we are fucking lucky to live in a country where we have the riht to choose who we want to lead us. and if your party doesnt win, then you have the right to complain til the cows come home.
condaleeza rice. a black woman who is conservative. it just doesnt make sense.
anyone who thinks they are better than somenoe else. you arent. i dont care what your position is in your job, in life, in politics. you are the same as me. you were a fucking mass of cells just like me, just like the homeless guy on the corner. so get off your high horse and show some compassion.
people who refuse to read harry potter. get over yourself and read it.
people who call back a number that was on their cell phone - why? why would you do that if no message was left? it was probably a wrong number. OR, when they say "yeah, i didnt listen to the message" ok, listen to it, THEN call back.
people who interrupt.
people who sit down on the subway when there is 4 inches of space. and they are young, and could easily stand, but instead, they would rather cause me distress in my reading. stand up you lazy slime.
people who put the money DOWN on the counter at a register. now, i know a lot of you probably do it. stop doing it if you do. it is SO annoying to the cashier. look them in the eye and put it in their hand. they arent dirty, they arent scary. it is ok to touch them. it is a fucking pain in the ass to pick up all the nickles and dimes you put on the counter. so just put it in their hand.
people who, when ordering at a cafe just say "large coffee" no "can i have" "may i please have" OR people who say "i NEED..." no. you dont, actually. you dont need any of this - no one NEEDS coffee. you might WANT IT. but you dont need it.
"is this skim?"
people who say "valentimes" and are over the age of 8
people who say "oh i cant watch the news or read the newspaper." what. yes. yes, you CAN. just because you live in a fucking suburbia/yuppie/fake happy world does NOT mean you shouldnt know what is going on everywhere else where they dont have 3 car garages, the internet, suvs, yoga class or starbucks. wake up. there is scary shit going on, and you should be aware.
peopel who cut in line. oh. my. GOD. ohmygod. whatthefuck. ok. i THINK that most of us, at age THREE had to start waiting in line at nursery school. and you didnt cut. if you did, you had to get a time out. so WHY, WHY THE HELL would it be ok to cut at cvs? at a concert? while waiting in line to see the newest harry potter movie? WHY? it is NOT ok. just because you have a blackberry and drove in in your land rover does NOT give you the right to cut!
on a similar note, people who, if they are behind you in line, and another register opens, and the cashier says "next" and the PERSON BEHIND YOU GOES. NO. youa re NOT next. so, what do i do? i push. yes, ladies and gentleman, this is when i push. for fucks sake. or, if i am 2nd and line, and 1st in line is a poor elderly old woman, i will say something to 3rd in line who went over when someone said "next" i dont get it. are you in THAT big of a rush that you cant understand what "next in line" means? GROW UP. actaully, i guess GROW DOWN. because, my 4 year old niece understands what a line is.

ohmygod. ok. i should stop. i could go on, which is kind of sad.

these are mundane things, i know. but they are just annoyances, not things that concern me (global warming, the war etc...)

thank you.

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sandy bells said...

this list makes me happy!